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Lovey Secure  

With the help of graphic designer Melanie Mickel, Lovey Secure was born. A heart on wheels that wore a big smile and a seat belt! I joined Safe Kids of Fulton County, GA and began building invaluable relationships with safety professionals. Years of ideas and visions were brought to life. Songs were written, games were created, books written and so on. I made costumes and we took our show to schools, daycare's and hospitals. The children's response to our method was incredible.

Teaching Young Children's safety education in a fun way!

Sheryl Renee - Founder/creator

A children's safety advocate since 1995, Sheryl created the Lovey Secure Children's Safety Crusade, to teach safety to children, with music, characters and audience interaction, along with her young daughters. In 1996, their company (Cheleream Inc) was awarded a "Buckle-up America! Award ,from the State of Georgia. In 2008, Sheryl received a grant from the CO Department of transportation to perform her safety shows for Metro Denver area daycare's. She was the CDOT spokesperson for their "Men in our lives" safety belt campaign.​

Leah - Founding Member

A 3 yr old Leah was the one who inspired me to teach children's safety."I made putting on her a seat belt a fun game & with a catchy song, but was not consistently wearing one myself. One day I said "buckle up" and she replied "you, too Mommy". I realized that she was watching me! From that day on I did!

Ten years later, the safety songs grew into an entire campaign. and Leah took on the role of Stay-See stoplight. She would go on to attend Alabama A & M as a music major. Leah has sung wit Hazel Miller, and her mm in various outlets. She is her fiancee Cory, live wit their 7 year old Jeanae.​

Ameerah - Founding member

Ameerah caught the bug to sing, act, and dance quite naturally. She was onstage by the age of 3, and even then had an astonishing ability to harmonize and remember lyrics and songs. Ameerah appeared in her family produced Lovey Secure Children's Safety Crusade, an educational stage show and television special. At 8, Ameerah appeared on the children's gospel CD Shout to the Lord Kids singing "Ain't no Rock." Ameerah sang with the Angelaires Jazz Ensemble, and Honor Choir while she attended East High School.  Ameerah excelled with the East High Speech and Debate Ameerah and her duo partner, Suzette Turner, took 2nd in the nation at the National Forensic League competition in Dallas, Texas for Duo Interpretation.

In November of 2011 Ameerah moved to New York to pursue her, 

The Team

Rena - Founding member


Rena Camille has something to say, and her goal is to reach her peers with an encouraging, non-judgmental word.
Rena, has self-published her 2nd book, *The Journey to Finding Yourself*, a self-help journal that reaches out to *new adults* who bear the weight of today*s times and life challenges.


A single mother herself, Rena deals with her challenging life and decisions, with a true sense of her self-worth & strength. Her experience as a child performer and spoken word poet, has given her the skill to engage and connect with her target audience (ages 16- 23), and given her a legitimate voice to add to the conversation. Rena is a speaker you can count on to reach and motivate your group!

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