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Special thanks to my friend and band mate Matt Butler being the 1st person to donate to my campaign!! Matt is a great father and had a successful Funding campaign himself. Your donation gave me the fuel I needed to get this spark going, Matt. Thank you!

Special thanks to my darling friend, Kaylen Cirillo for donating to my campaign!! You support means allot, Kaylen.

Special thanks to my FB family member, Jennifer Williams for donating to my campaign!! From what I see of JW, she is a champion for enlightening projects. Your support is so appreciated!

To my friend, actor, producer, director Rome Neal.I thank you so much for your support! You said you would donate and you did!! You are also a grandparent and see the value in educating our children in a fun way. Your support for my endeavors since I moved to NYC will never be forgotten.

Many Thanks to Marianne Clements. Wow..Such a great donation in the final hours! Your offer to help me continue the search for funding, is a Godsend. You my dear are so very appreciated.

When you embark on something like this you can only hope for the best. I opted for flexible funding which means after Indiegogo takes their percentage, I will receive the remaining funds. I will use every penny for continued work in bringing our unique brand of safety awareness to the public eye. I will also send a copy of "Seat Belts Rule" to all listed here. It's always been difficult for me to ask for financial support, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that it was heartbreaking to take this route and see such little movement., but I move forward and will never forget your validations. These ideas WILL save young lives, and I will always keep your names and projects on the list of my "must support".  Peace, love and blessings  Sheryl

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