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The Lovey Secure Children's Safety Show

Safety Storytime Ages 3-6

Stay-See Stoplight captivates your children while reading delightful stories, all based solely on safety topics. This 25 minute session includes the book readings, a discussion about the contents of the book, and a sing-a-long safety song. Safety Activity Page included. 

Teachers Work Study Guide & A Safety Activity Page 

(sent prior to show date)


Safety Counts Ages 3-6

Join a costumed Stay-See Stoplight, as she engages your kids with a 25 minute performance designed to teach lifesaving safety lessons in a fun way. Everyday safety concerns are addressed using catchy songs, skits and Call & response interaction. You provide a flat 0 x 6 are, clear for movement and access to one electrical outlet. We provide music and props,including 3d demonstration boards and a real traffic light!

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