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"Empowering Children to Make Safety Decisions for Themselves"

The Safety Topics

Seat Belt/ Safety Belt/ Airbag/ Fire/ Water/ Bicycle, Wheeled Objects/ Electricity/ Poison/ Railway Crossings/ Chocking/ Firearms/ Weapons/ Safety in & Outside the home/ Playground/ Traffic/ Pedestrian/ Hoiday/ Animal

Welcome to website of the newly revitalized

Lovey Secure Children's Safety Crusade! This award winning crusade was originally launched in 1995, by a talented family committed to reaching children with life saving rules, instilled the way young children learn most effectively...with play! 

By sharing lifesaving messages wrapped in music, books, games, DVD's, and hands on activities, our mission is to help reduce the staggering rate in which children are being hurt and dying.

Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death and disability for children ages 1 to 14 in the United States. Safe Kids USA

Everyday, children are surrounded by items and situations which in a split second could harmfully change their innocent lives. The LSCSC goal is to use "Gentle Realities" to get them to reason for themselves with lessons they've learned by having fun.


Join us!! 

​(LtoR) Leah, Ameerah, Sheryl (lo) Rena 

Original Photo 1996 /Current 2012

1996 Photo Credit - Eric Johnson

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